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Aussie SMEs drowning in paperwork

New research has indicated that almost three quarters of Australian SMEs do not use any form of administrative assistance in their day-to-day operations.

Aussie SMEs drowning in paperwork
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Research conducted by local services marketplace ServiceSeeking.com.au has revealed that 72 per cent of small business owners are not utilising any form of administrative assistance, a trend that the company believes is detrimental to the success of any business.

The Business Confidence Survey also revealed that close to 60 per cent of respondents do not use an online calendar, while only 45 per cent are using accounting software within their business.

"We want small businesses to concentrate on winning work and generating cash flow, not getting bogged down in paperwork," said ServiceSeeking.com.au CEO Jeremy Levitt.

"Time spent generating and collecting invoices is time that our businesses could better spend taking on additional jobs," he added.

"Our new business confidence report shows that 60 per cent of business owners do not pay themselves super. This is just one piece of evidence suggesting that the average small business is completely overwhelmed with paperwork, and our goal is to automate local services to make their life easier."

According to Mr Levitt, businesses can continue to generate more revenue by outsourcing time-consuming administrative tasks, noting that 77 per cent of businesses using the ServiceSeeking.com.au platform grew their revenue or remained steady by automating back-office functions.

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