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BDO survey emphasises cries for adequate reform

Prominent mid-tier firm BDO’s annual tax reform survey has revealed the concerns of Australian businesses, highlighting the discrepancy between business and government priorities.

BDO survey emphasises cries for adequate reform
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A record 523 respondents participated in the annual survey, which featured voices from around the country and spanned a variety of sectors and business sizes.

According to BDO national tax director Lance Cunningham, multinational profit shifting was identified as the number one priority issue when it comes to tax reform, with GST and state taxes rounding out the top three areas of concern.

“This year’s survey attracted more than double the number of respondents than in 2015, a clear sign the business community still sees holistic tax reform as an urgent priority, even if the government does not,” said Mr Cunningham.

“After getting so close to genuine tax reform through the Tax White Paper process, many businesses feel cheated by its recent abandonment and are fearful the federal budget will present only piecemeal measures and a vague commitment to look closer at tax reform after the next election.”

Mr Cunningham added that with a fast-tracked federal budget slated for 3 May, adequate reform is looking less and less likely.

“While most survey respondents [almost 90 per cent] wanted to see a tax reform options paper ahead of the federal budget, hope has now all but faded that this will occur in the next five weeks.”

“I would urge Prime Minister Turnbull and Treasurer Morrison to outline how they plan to tackle tax reform as a matter of urgency,” Mr Cunningham concluded.

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