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Firm offers tips to bulletproof against disruption

Utilising social media may be the way forward for accountants looking to stay ahead of the curve, according to an award-winning firm, but it needs to be leveraged in a savvy and calculated way.

Firm offers tips to bulletproof against disruption
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Intuit’s Australian Firm of the Future winner Reuben Bergola of New Wave Business Solutions, believes the early adoption of mobile apps and emerging technologies will help bulletproof firms in a disruptive climate.

Speaking at Intuit QuickBooks Connect Sydney, Mr Bergola shared how he was able to leverage off Instagram, a mobile photo-sharing app, to reach out and connect to a new pool of clients.

“We have a lot of clients who come to us as influencers and they basically have thousands of followers and use that as advertising for a source of income, so we thought, ‘Why can’t we do this and use it to get our image out there?’,” Mr Bergola said.

“We tend to use our social media a little bit differently. We try to mix it up a bit and show our clients that we are real people, we enjoy life and we can connect with you in a certain way.

“We’ve had several new clients from Instagram just messaging us directly and giving us a call so it’s been good.”

Adopting new technologies and change is often a stumbling block for accountants and small business owners, but Mr Bergola is adamant that the time taken to invest in new methods will lead to a better practice.

“And I know it takes a bit of time [to implement a change] but we think about it in a different way. Each app we take on is for a certain reason,” he added.

“We test them, and if it works then the time that we’ve ultimately put into it comes out on the other side as it increases efficiencies and a better service for our clients and, ultimately, a better bottom line for us.”

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