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New approaches trialled for digital skills training

The latest in a series of projects designed to fund, test and evaluate better ways of carrying out training in digital competencies has been announced by DSO.

New approaches trialled for digital skills training
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  • Juliet Helmke
  • July 23, 2021
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A new trial program from the Digital Skills Organisation (DSO) will aim to ensure that digital skills training effectively meets the needs of both Australian employers and individuals, helping to close Australia’s digital skills gap

DSO’s first pilot project, to train and employ 100 data analysts, launched at the beginning of the year.

This pilot will test new approaches to designing digital qualifications, working with employers, job seekers and training providers to improve on the current training and update the parameters of existing qualifications.

As with its inaugural program, the trial focuses mainly on entry-level data analysts, though it will also include an examination of the more general digital skills used across industries.

“This trial will provide a picture of what specialist digital skills are needed, improve the relationship between employers and the training system, and get more people into jobs,” said Stuart Robert, Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business.

“Australia’s digital workforce is fundamental to our future prosperity – our Economic Plan is focused on protecting jobs today and through trials like this we are working to secure the jobs of tomorrow,” Mr Robert said.

Mr Robert noted that the government’s economic roadmap out of the COVID-19 recession placed particular importance on training for jobs in the digital sector.

The DSO’s latest program is supported by an uptick in funding from the latest federal budget, which committed an additional $500 million to expand the JobTrainer Fund and extended the program through the end of 2022.

The scheme’s extension supported an additional 10,000 places in digital skills training. DSO’s latest venture aims to ensure that training is fit for purpose.

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