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Non-client time presents firm growth opportunity

Non-client time presents firm growth opportunity

Accounting bosses that can successfully implement projects designed to improve their business are on their way to building prosperous firms for the future, notes a consultant.

  • AFlores
  • October 02, 2018
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Speaking to Public Accountant, Slipstream Coaching director Scott Charlton said most accounting practitioners are too busy with day-to-day client matters to orchestrate a consistent business improvement program for themselves.

He said that by completing business improvement projects on the way to implementing agreed strategies, firms can expect to enjoy massive improvements to their business, higher team morale and better business outcomes.

“To help practitioners appreciate what’s involved with this process, I like to share the analogy of a wheelbarrow. One can fill it with the greatest business ideas in the world, but unless someone grabs the handles and pushes, the barrow just stands still,” Mr Charlton said.

“It’s my contention that your strategies don’t even have to be that brilliant. Consistent implementation of good ideas beats brilliance gathering dust in your wheelbarrow every time.”

According to Mr Charlton, a key aspect in developing a standardised approach to implementing non-client projects is simply by allocating time towards it.

“Success starts with creating the space for it to happen. That’s why for working on your projects and, indeed, all of your other non-client responsibilities, it pays to set time aside to fulfil them,” Mr Charlton said.

“Once you determine an appropriate time split, it is recommended that you go to the extent of colour coding your diary for the times when you’ll be focused on projects.

“Although there will always need to be flexibility, train your team to avoid making client appointments during project times.”

Another tip from Mr Charlton is to create ways of keeping everyone in your team accountable for the implementation.

“The easiest person to let down is yourself so for best results, share what you are striving to achieve with others who can be relied upon to expectantly enquire about your progress,” he said.

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