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Processing of early release of super applications resumes

More than 1.2 million Australians have applied to access their superannuation early for a total value of over $10 billion, the Assistant Treasurer has revealed, following a data breach which saw the ATO pause the processing of applications last week.

Processing of early release of super applications resumes
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  • Maja Garaca Djurdjevic
  • May 13, 2020
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Processing of applications and creation of backend files the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) produces for superannuation funds has resumed this week, after it was paused for a day last week to “further enhance its systems in response to new techniques criminals are using to try to steal Australians’ identities”.

Last week, it was revealed that up to 150 people may have up to $10,000 defrauded from their fund following fraudulent activity associated with the early access to superannuation scheme. 

“The ATO has identified a small number of third parties who could be susceptible to criminal activity,” Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar said. 

“The ATO is working with these third parties to help them make security enhancements.

“Additional risk filters will also be applied by the ATO on all files before they are delivered to funds, and additional information will be provided to funds to assist them in discharging their own obligations to apply fraud prevention processes.”

Mr Sukkar reminded Australians to be vigilant with how they store and share their personal information.

“Australians should never share their myGov log-in with anyone, including their tax agent, and be wary of emails or text messages that request personal information,” he said.

“The ATO will never send taxpayers a direct link to log on to their online services.” 

He noted: “Each and every day, programs, administered by all levels of government, are under constant malicious attack.

“Importantly, at no time have the ATO’s online systems been compromised or hacked.

“Australians can have confidence in the security measures the ATO has in place to protect the integrity of the early release of superannuation scheme.”

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