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Sage reveals new features

Sage has today announced three add-on features for its cloud-based Sage One product that it claims will improve productivity through enhanced functionality, reduced administration and increased collaboration between users and their accountants.

Sage reveals new features
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The following three new features are now available in Sage One:

Time Tracking – allows users to track the time spent on a project and create more accurate billing for clients. Users can now:

• set up projects and tasks;

• set budgets, task rates and billing preferences for each project;

• start capturing time;

• invoice out time linked to timesheet entries;

• link expenses to projects and optionally recharge them to customers.

Multi-Currency – allows any business that buys and sells products internationally to keep their accounts accurately and run their business more effectively. With this feature customers can:

• send invoices and make purchases in different currencies;

• set up bank accounts in other currencies;

• get the latest end of day exchange rate automatically from Sage One or set up custom rates;

• manage currency fluctuations easily – Sage One calculates your unrealised and realised foreign exchange gains and losses automatically;

• print statements and reports in foreign or home currency.

Direct Bank Feeds – allows users to automatically import bank statements into Sage One bank accounts from banks or other financial institutions. With this feature, users can:

• eliminate the need for manually importing bank statements;

• review all transactions in the screen;

• add bank-statement-mapping rules to automatically assign the correct accounts and tax types each time automated bank statements are refreshed;

• split transaction lines when processing to banks to allocate a single transaction to more than one account.

“We’re excited to see the new add-ons for Sage One and it’s what our customers are asking for," said Lukas Taylor, Sage One's GM.

"Our commitment is to keep updating the platform with the latest offerings to bring even more functionality and features to our customers, so that the platform remains relevant and compelling for small business owners," Mr Taylor added.

The new features will cost between $7 to $10 each per month from 1 June, with Sage One customers able to try them out free of charge until then.

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