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Tax expert highlights lucrative deduction for home businesses

A tax expert has pointed to a tax deduction that could be very lucrative for home-based businesses seeking to soften the negative financial effects of the coronavirus crisis.

Tax expert highlights lucrative deduction for home businesses
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  • Adrian Flores
  • April 12, 2021
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BMT Tax Depreciation chief executive Bradley Beer said that the depreciation available for home businesses could make a significant difference to cash flow.

He noted that depreciation, the natural wear and tear of property and assets over time, can’t be claimed on a principal place of residence, except in cases where a business also operates.

“The average first year depreciation claims for tax depreciation schedules we completed for home-based businesses in FY 2019-20 came to almost $8,000,” Mr Beer said.

Mr Beer said the company completes tax depreciation schedules for a variety of home-based businesses.

Mr Beer said that, in BMT’s experience completing tax depreciation schedules, capital works deductions – claimed on the structural component of the property including the home office walls, doors and windows – made up the bulk of these claims, while plant and equipment accounted for a smaller proportion.

“Of this average, capital works deductions accounted for about $6,650 and plant and equipment around $1,275,” Mr Beer explained.

“The plant and equipment deductions would have been for assets like computer equipment, office furnishing and tools.”

Mr Beer also said home-based business owners can also claim depreciation on other areas of the property unrelated to the business’s operations, like the kitchen.

“Pro-rata deductions allow them to claim depreciation on these areas,” he said.

“The deduction is based on an apportioned value of the space, being the percentage of time it’s used for conducting business, compared to personal use.”

Mr Beer suggested that these numbers are set to rise in this, and the next, financial year.

“With the temporary full expensing policy in place until the close of the 2021-22 financial year, businesses can instantly deduct any eligible plant and equipment asset,” he said.

“For example, if they purchased a work ute for $40,000 this year, the entire amount could be claimed as a deduction at tax time.”

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