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Top five super FAQs as advisers race to meet July 1 deadline

With financial planners flat out advising clients on the new superannuation rules that kick in on July 1, issues cropping up the most include what to do with private pension accounts that hold more than $1.6 million, maximising the current higher super contribution limits and reviewing transition to retirement (TTR) strategies.

Top five super FAQs as advisers race to meet July 1 deadline
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  • May 24, 2017
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So what are clients doing with assets in excess of the $1.6 million ceiling on the amount of money that can be held in a tax-free private pension? "For those over the $1.6 million, a problem most would like to have, where allowable, it is preferable to transfer the excess, or some of it, to a spouse's super account if the spouse is under the $1.6 million cap, as this enables the excess funds to remain in the tax-free pension environment," says Suzanne Haddan, managing director of BFG Financial Services.

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