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TPB targeting unregistered BAS agents

The Tax Practitioners Board has announced it will investigate BAS service providers that have failed to renew their registration in the second phase of its project addressing unregistered BAS service providers.

TPB targeting unregistered BAS agents
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Tax Practitioners Board acting chair Greg Lewis said thousands of transitional BAS agents have now successfully completed the qualification requirements for registration.

“By November 2016 the registered BAS agent population will have met all the education requirements, in particular a relevant certificate IV and a board approved GST/BAS course,” said Mr Lewis.

“The TPB is now focusing attention on a new project to address unregistered BAS service providers. So far, over 1,000 online advertisements have been reviewed and many unregistered service providers have now amended or removed their advertisements.”

Mr Lewis said in the second phase of the project, the TPB will investigate BAS agents who were registered during the transitional period but have not renewed it.

“We are providing an opportunity for you to provide information about unregistered entity behaviour that you may be aware of,” he said.

“You can provide details of possible unregistered behaviour or references to advertisements that may be used to promote unregistered activity. This information can remain anonymous and will be included in our project.”

Mr Lewis also congratulated BAS agents for their efforts in obtaining the required qualifications and for their contribution to building the skills of the tax agent profession.

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