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Why do we measure economic success by unicorns?

In this special episode of the One Voice podcast, editor Philip King speaks to panel members for this week’s International Council for Small Business conference.

Why do we measure economic success by unicorns?
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The three guests are: emeritus professor Dr Roy Green, who is special innovation adviser at the University of Technology, Sydney; Nick Kamper, CEO of Purpose Bureau, Australia largest ESG information specialist; and Vicki Stylianou, who is group executive, advocacy and policy at the Institute of Public Accountants and joint chair of the conference.

The podcast will discuss the legitimacy crisis in the global economy, how to better manage natural resources and how to factor environmental, social and governance issues to the measurement of human progress.

The panellists look at what the global economy is currently experiencing, and discuss if this is a legitimacy crisis fuelled by mismanagement of natural resources, mistrust of the worldwide technocracy, or mismeasurement of human activity.

As we witness our social, economic, and natural environments changing, members of the panel will be looking at the way we think about measuring success and whether reflects the financial reality. And if it doesn’t how will we conduct and measure financial success to ensure our impact on nature and economic development becomes more realistic, responsible, and sustainable?

The podcast will also cover the big questions such as does the current economic model work? Do we need to move away from GDP towards a broader measurement model, how do we align private rewards with social returns and what should the role of government be in that?

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