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The HR tech every small and medium business should consider

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The right technology can simplify and streamline various business operations, saving time, energy and money.

The HR tech every small and medium business should consider
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Info-Tech is made for small and medium businesses. Info-Tech has more than 20,000 active customers and processes 500,000 employees’ payroll in a month. Businesses looking for an affordable cloud-based solution should consider the benefits of a human resource management system, which can future-proof their business. 

Implementing a HRIS system helps streamline workflows and automates tasks, eliminates manual handling, and creates efficiencies in a business. This in turn can free up managers and employees to focus on more important tasks and devote more attention to their operation.  

Our very affordable all in one integrated cloud solution covers all functions of HR for small and medium sized businesses across all industries. Our system allows employers to track attendance (time and location) for their workforce, which eliminates time theft and costs associated to the business. The system also allows employees to apply for leave and submit expanse claims from their mobile app, which is then sent to their managers for approval in realtime, on any device from anywhere. All this data is then pushed to our single touch payroll engine to ensure accurate and timely payments to employees. The employees can also view their itemised payslips and update any of their personal information on the mobile app. 

Info-Tech has an Australian based support team to ensure we are there every step of the way to support our system, provide training and guidance when required. Info-Tech Platform provides a layer of greater transparency and accountability, which transforms the way a business operates and how their people interact with the business.  

Future-proofing your business 

Digital tools have become an imperative part of day-to-day operations, helping businesses to manage and roster staff and meet their tax obligations in the hybrid working world. This in turn improves employee experience, increasing productivity and overall growth. 

With Info-Tech, you can:

  • Transform your business into a well-oiled machine
  • Feel secure knowing your data is safe
  • Feel confident you comply with government regulations
  • Streamline your business processes and save time and money
  • Digitize all your workflows for added efficiency 

Info-Tech Solutions:

Time Attendance Software

Payroll Software

Expense Claims Software

  • Keep track of employee attendance and lateness.
  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Automatically generate reports for overtime and shift scheduling.
  • Submit your payroll online quickly and easily.
  • Save time on paperwork.
  • Automatically generate ABA files for superannuation payments.
  • Save chasing down receipts
  • Apply & Approve claims via the smartphone.
  • Customise your claim templates.

Contact Info-Tech today, to see how we can help streamline and automate your business.

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