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Public Accountant is the official journal of the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) and is the primary means of communications with their members and is the ideal vehicle for commentary, analysis, profiles and accounting in practice.

Published bi-monthly, Public Accountant has a print run of 18,000 copies with an audited figure of 16,382 (Sept 2011) including 1,000 copies for internal distribution.

The Public Accountant digital hub launched in February 2013 and provides digital access to the content from the Public Accountant magazine, as well as exclusive web-only articles, videos, blogs and news from the IPA.

With a range of expert advice, insights and opinions the digital hub is a ‘must-visit’ site for all accounting, finance and business professionals and can be accessed by their device of choice – mobile, tablet or desktop.

Key reasons to advertise in Public Accountant


The IPA (formerly the National Institute of Accountants) is one of Australia’s oldest representative professional bodies and in 2013 is celebrating their 90th anniversary.


Written by industry experts, the magazine will offer readers credible, practical and relevant advice, tips and expertise, providing the knowledge that accounting and finance professionals need to know regionally, nationally and globally. It will showcase innovation and drill down into fundamental accounting issues in the public, private and non-profit sectors. It will inspire, coach and inform, enrich and satisfy. It will demonstrate the possibilities for public accountants and the scope for personal development within the field.

Frequency of the print publication

Six issues per year offers a good frequency to get effective repetition from multiple advertisements.

Online and print

Public Accountant magazine is an established and highly respected title that provides considered opinions, insightful features and practical advice to help members perform their duties and advance their careers. The Public Accountant digital hub provides an online alternative for members to receive content, helping them to stay connected to the IPA any time and in any place.

The digital hub is not just for members – the site will be open for anyone to browse through, meaning the readership extends to a larger audience of business owners, managers and accountants.

For further information or to request a media kit for advertising, please contact Jehan Hapuarachchi on 02 9922 3300 or [email protected]

For any IPA partnership or sponsorship enquiries please contact Catherine Cleary [email protected] or +61 3 8665 3136