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Technology helping accountants to network

With referral relationships more important to many accountants than ever before, a smartphone application has been launched to help practitioners connect with a range of professionals.

Technology helping accountants to network
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For some, finding referral partners is easy. Many experienced accountants have a solid network of professionals to call upon, but for others, particularly young accountants or those going out on their own, it can be a struggle.

Edwena Dixon, the creator of new-age networking application N3, says technology can help make things a little easier. The app matches like-minded professionals from the accounting, financial advice, insurance broking and mortgage broking professions, with the aim of facilitating an introduction at specifically-organised networking events.

When participants register for these events they are added to an online platform that allows the attendees to search for each other using their preferred criteria. Users can then search for their ideal networking partner by industry, area, years of experience, company size, and many more criteria.

“The best matches to their criteria are then displayed in search results, and they can click through to their LinkedIn or Facebook profiles to learn more about them before deciding whether or not they’d like to introduce themselves,” Ms Dixon said.

“Instead of walking into a sea of suits and hoping that you end up talking to the right person, the app actually provides targeted matches.”

The app has been specifically designed to make the initial approach conversation as easy as possible.

“It helps to be able to take away some of that nervousness and shyness that a lot of people have when it comes to networking because the software has already determined that you’re a pretty good match, so now you just have to open your mouth and say hello,” Ms Dixon said.

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